Located 15-minutes away from Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, Harper Perintis Makassar is a truly modern and extraordinary hotel infused with rustic energetic charm and stylish design, a dynamic blend of a residential feel and a balanced functionality at the confluence of Makassar dynamic business and industrial district.

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Jl.Perintis Kemerdekaan KM 15 No.14 A, Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, 90243, Indonesia



Bantimurung National Park

Bantimurung National Park

Bantimurung National Park has become a symbol of beauty and tranquility on Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island. The park is located 1 hour drive from the hotel. It’s very popular as a local attractions for tourists and locals. You can see and interact with various butterflies species in Bantimurung National Park or strolling around with your families or friends.

Bugis Waterpark

Bugis Waterpark is a water park with Bugis-authentic decoration in Bukit Baruga Antang, Makassar. Bugis waterpark not only provides various slides for your fun, but also educational element to the visitors. Each slides and rides named with Bugis language (one of the local language in South Sulawesi) with the translation as well. 

Losari Beach

Losari Beach

Losari Beach is the most iconic beach in Makassar. Located in west of Makassar, Losari Beach is a best spot to watch the beautiful sunset moment. Don’t forget to try Pisang Epe’, one of the typical snacks in South Sulawesi. Various stall of Pisang Epe can be found in Losari Beach food center

Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport

Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport is the main gateway for flights to the eastern part of Indonesia, and named after a Sultan of Gowa, South Sulawesi. Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport is located on the border of Makassar, and Maros, a suburb in South Sulawesi, approximately 15 minutes from Hotel via freeway/tollway.

Trans Studio & Mall Makassar

Trans Studio & Mall Makassar

Trans Studio & Mall is one of biggest shopping mall and playground studio (indoor) in Asia. Guest can reach Trans Studio & Mall Makassar via tollway within 30 minutes from the hotel. Explore and shop in various branded shop inside of the malls. Or pamper your taste-buds with various menu from 100+ restaurants in Trans Studio Mall.

Somba Opu Shopping Centre

Somba Opu Shopping Center is known as the oldest shopping center in South Sulawesi. It’s also known as the largest traditional snacks in Makassar Somba Opu Shopping Center is located close to Losari Beach and you can find almost all types of foods and goods there.



Located 40 km from Makassar’s city center, Rammang-Rammang offers 45.000 hectares of limestone forest park. It is also known as the third largest karst area in the world after Tsingy in Madagaskar and Shilin in Tiongkok. There’s also several interesting local attractions that guest can visit near Rammang-Rammang area, such as: Bidadari lake, Bulu 'Barakka' cave, Telapak Tangan cave, Pasaung cave, Pute river and Berua village.