Located at Jl. Raya Bungursari no 122 Purwakarta. Harper Purwakarta only one hour from Bandung with Exit at Toll Sadang and one and a half hour from Jakarta with Exit at Toll Cikampek. It’s surrounded by cultural and natural tourism spots, local eateries, an Industrial Area and the Pupuk Kujang Cikampek Golf Course, whilst also providing easy access to the Toll Road that connects Cikampek, Dawuan & Sadang.

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Jl. Raya Bungursari No. 122, Kabupaten Purwakarta, Jawa Barat 41181



Satay Maranggi

Satay Maranggi

Typical food Purwakarta is “Sate Maranggi”, which differentiates it from other sate is processed seasoning soy sauce to have the unique taste-sour, sweet, spicy. Located just 200M from Harper hotel.

Waduk Jatiluhur

With an area of 8,300 ha located ± 9 km from the town of Purwakarta offers recreational facilities and complete water sports and interesting such as: rowing, windsurfing, water skiing, power boating, sailboats, and cruise ships. The facilities available are hotels and bungalows, bar and restaurant, tennis courts, swimming pools with water slides, conference hall and playground

Waduk Cirata

Waduk Cirata

An area of 62 km2 is located at an altitude of 223 m DPL surrounded by hills. If traveling from the town of Purwakarta through Plered, will arrive in Cirata within ± 40 minutes with a distance of 15 km. In the course will “peuyeum pendul” trade center sill and Sentra Industrial Ceramics Plered besides enjoying the natural beauty along the way Plered-Cirata.


Situ Wanayasa

Danau Alam located at an altitude of 600 m DPL with an area of 7 ha, situated ± 23 km from the town of Purwakarta with the cool air background Mount Burangrang


Air Terjun Curug Cipurut

Air Terjun Curug Cipurut

Can be reached by walking along the ± 3 km to the south of Wanayasa, is a convenient place for both recreational hiking and camping ground. Located at an altitude of 750 m DPL.

Situ Buleud

Lake 4 ha is round which is located in Purwakarta. Buleud there is a landmark Purwakarta. Situ purportedly Buleud past is a "Pangguyangan" (shower / bathing) rhinoceros, then in the Dutch colonial administration used as a resting place. Buleud Situ now become a place of recreation, sports, and shopping street vendors on the day of the week for the people of Purwakarta


Sentra Industry Keramik Plered

Sentra Industry Keramik Plered

Located in the village of Anjun ± 13 km from the town of Purwakarta . The industry is estimated to have existed since 1904 to produce quality ceramics exported to foreign countries such as Japan , Netherlands , Thailand , and Singapore The resulting ceramic types include earthenware , terracotta and porcelain . Located in the village of Anjun ± 13 km from the town of Purwakarta