Simbol Kelezatan Italia Hadir di Cikarang Dalam Menu Buka Puasa
Harper Cikarang18 Mar 2024
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Cikarang, March 2024 – For cheese enthusiasts and culinary aficionados, the emblem of Italian delight known worldwide, Grana Padano Cheese, is an irresistible choice with its distinctive taste and unparalleled quality.

Looking at the process of making Grana Padano Cheese, using fresh cow's milk carefully processed by skilled cheese artisans, one can appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship involved. Through a lengthy maturation process, this cheese develops a unique texture and strong flavor, making it a staple on Italian dinner tables and worldwide.

Compared to other cheeses, Grana Padano Cheese has its own uniqueness. It is renowned for its remarkable consistency and its ability to enhance dishes with its distinctive savory flavor. Its guaranteed quality has earned international recognition, including awards from leading cheese institutions worldwide.

Grana Padano Cheese boasts a rich history. Established in the 12th century in the Padania region of Northern Italy, this cheese is made using ancient recipes passed down from generation to generation. With its unique taste and texture, Grana Padano Cheese also serves as a primary ingredient in various Italian dishes, from risottos to pastas.

"With utmost dedication, we at Harper Cikarang are committed to creating memorable experiences that touch the heart during the Ramadan season," said Chef Sigit, Food & Beverages Director at Harper Cikarang.

"We look forward to welcoming guests to our iftar celebration, where they can enjoy the exquisite Italian cheese we offer in Cikarang with warm hospitality and precious moments with loved ones."

Throughout the month of Ramadan, Harper Cikarang will host an unforgettable iftar experience for cheese lovers and other culinary enthusiasts, offering more than 50 menu variations daily. Among them are traditional dishes from Nusantara, the Middle East, the West, and Asia, with a special highlight being live cooking stalls including Alfredo Grana Padano Pasta, prepared directly on the warm texture of Grana Padano Cheese to be enjoyed fresh.

In addition to the special Italian delicacies we present, we also prepare various appetizers, takjil (sweet snacks for breaking fast), and desserts to complement your iftar experience. With abundant choices such as Mandhi Rice, Thai Spicy Chicken Salad, Roasted Chicken Palestine, Roasted Beef Brisket, Roast Chicken Hong Kong, Iga Bakar Parahyangan, Soto Babat, Assorted Dimsum, Beef Shawarma, and assured quality, we believe every guest will find something to suit their palate.

Furthermore, we offer a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for guests who wish to break their fast with family and friends. Our elegant dining space and various indoor and outdoor facilities will provide additional comfort, ensuring your iftar experience at Harper Cikarang becomes an unforgettable moment.

For guests looking to host iftar gatherings with family, friends, or colleagues, Harper Cikarang also offers special packages starting from Rp. 208,000 net per person for group iftar events. With professional service and comprehensive facilities, we will assist you in organizing a memorable and successful iftar event.

Don't miss the opportunity to celebrate the iftar tradition with luxury and hospitality at Harper Cikarang. Make this Ramadan a time to unite and share happiness with loved ones. Reserve your spot now and enjoy an unforgettable iftar experience with us!

For bookings and further information, please contact us by phone at 021 3971 8888, WhatsApp at 0819 0819 3987, or email cikaranginfo@harperhotels.com.